Whispers from Indian Creek par Linda Lee

December 14, 2018

Whispers from Indian Creek par Linda Lee

Titre de livre: Whispers from Indian Creek

Auteur: Linda Lee

ISBN: 1533483973

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Linda Lee avec Whispers from Indian Creek

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After losing her parents in a fatal car crash, Auna goes to live with her grandparents on Indian Creek. Undeterred by her granddaddy’s bizarre old Indian tales, about a love triangle involving her family, she soon finds out that there is something strange and deadly living on Indian Creek.

Linda Lee is a freelance writer, children’s e-book author, and online journal editor. Linda is an award winning author of several children’s books. She is the author of the award winning Imi Stoglin Series. Imi Stoglin “The Six Medallions” is the second book in the Imi Stoglin Series with Imi Stoglin “The Rise of the Phoenix”, being the first book. Whispers from Indian Creek is a stand-alone book about ghost. When she’s not frightening strangers with her writing, she’s most likely frightening her family and friends.