Yo-Kai Watch, Tome 15 :

July 20, 2018

Yo-Kai Watch, Tome 15 :

Titre de livre: Yo-Kai Watch, Tome 15 :

Date de sortie: January 10, 2018

ISBN: 2016271388

Éditeur: Hachette Jeunesse

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Yo-Kai Watch, Tome 15 :

YO - yo-kai watch | parte #15 | fusiÓn bestial ¡boom! suscríbete! . YO - Excited about the new YO-KAI WATCH? 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH? 2: Fleshy Souls games? Well, there's a movie coming to North American theaters that is based on the same storyline as the games.. M03 - Yo-kai Watch the Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale& the Double World, Nyan! (Japanese: 映画 妖怪ウォッチ 空飛ぶクジラとダブル世界の大冒険だニャン!. Yo - The manga adaption of Yo-kai Watch by Noriyuki Konishi began in CoroCoro Comic on December 15, 2012. This adaption follows Nate Adams as the main protagonist along with Whisper and Jibanyan fighting& befriending Yo-kai.. Yo - The first movie was also brought over, as a special screening one day screening, on October 15, such as the eponymous Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Medals, . Yo - YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble available now on iOS and Google Play stores YO-KAI WATCH Season 1 available now on Netflix. YO - YO-KAI WATCH. 197K likes. One summer day, an average fifth-grade kid named Nate Adams comes across a strange old capsule vending machine in the.