Inside North Korea par Oliver Wainwright

August 15, 2018

Inside North Korea par Oliver Wainwright

Titre de livre: Inside North Korea

Auteur: Oliver Wainwright

Broché: 300 pages

Date de sortie: April 25, 2018

ISBN: 3836572214

Éditeur: Taschen GmbH

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Oliver Wainwright avec Inside North Korea

Inside North Korea - Offering a rare glimpse inside the Hermit Kingdom, Guardian journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright takes us on an architectural journey behind . National Geographic - Join National Geographic's Lisa Ling as she captures a rare look inside North Korea - something few Americans have ever been able to do. Posing as an undercover medical coordinator and closely guarded throughout her trip, Lisa moves inside the most isolated nation in the world, encountering a society completely dominated by government and . Opinion - PYONGYANG, North Korea — To fly into North Korea on an old Russian aircraft is to step into an alternate universe, one in which “the Supreme Leader” defeats craven American imperialists, in which triplets are taken from parents to be raised by the state, in which nuclear war is imminent but . Inside North Korea: Mark Edward Harris, Bruce Cumings - Inside North Korea [Mark Edward Harris, Bruce Cumings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All but closed to outside visitors and influence, its public posture guarded and combative, we see almost nothing from inside North Korea.. Kim Jong Un’s North Korea: Life inside the totalitarian - Life under Kim Jong Un 김정은 정권 아래의 삶 Recent North Korean escapees relate how the secretive country has changed under the “Great Successor.”. Video: Inside North Korea - A growing group of North Korean dissidents are risking their lives to secretly film inside the repressive regime before smuggling the tapes across the Chinese border to show the outside world what is happening to their countrymen.. Life in North Korea: A glimpse inside an isolated nation - Take a look into one of the world's most isolated and controversy-ridden countries.. Inside North Korea's missiles - Inside North Korea's missiles. Recovered debris from a North Korean rocket revealed parts made by a major company in the West. How does the rogue nation get Western parts?. Korea crisis - Can we defend against North Korea? As missile tests become more frequent, how do South Korea, Japan and the US plan to stop an attack?. Trump wanted to cancel North Korea summit before Kim Jong - In the previous hours, the president had listened to blistering rhetoric from North Korea, was contending with inflammatory remarks from his own vice president and was caught between competing positions from his secretary of state and his national security adviser, officials said..