Acido dorado par Mona Kuhn

November 20, 2018

Acido dorado par Mona Kuhn

Titre de livre: Acido dorado

Auteur: Mona Kuhn

Broché: 96 pages

Date de sortie: January 1, 2018

ISBN: 3958291805

Éditeur: Steidl Verlag

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Mona Kuhn avec Acido dorado

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Acido Dorado - Acido Dorado has a double life. If you websearch its name, you will find that it isn't just listed with overused buzzwords like "architectural" or "modern", but it is the real thing and has a well-documented unique place in contemporary culture. However, architecture is about people and experiences- not just photos.. ACIDO DORADO – Pretty Vacant Properties - Acido Dorado sits in a 180 degree nook of a small mountain of rocks and presents on the outside a long and low chopped and channeled profile with huge mirrored overhangs, hearts, flowers, and 3 colors of acid-tinged metallic gold.. Acido Dorado — The Perfect Hideaway - Set in a nook of a small mountain of rocks, Acido Dorado presents on the outside a long and low chopped and channeled profile with huge mirrored overhangs, hearts, flowers, and 3 colors of acid-tinged metallic gold.. Acido Dorado - Name: Acido Dorado Location: Joshua Tree, California Size: 1,350 square feet About a year ago, we were contacted by architect Robert Stone about a project he had just completed out in Joshua Tree, an unique ebony washed pavilion specifically designed as a vacation destination with a "new desert aesthetic".. Acido Dorado – Robert Stone Design - Acido Dorado A gold house is a loaded object. The color has so much cultural baggage that it can’t be separated from its cultural associations, and its meaning is unstable because it comes from neither the object itself, the architect, the viewer, nor the cultural context, but a dynamic interplay between them all.. robert stone's golden acido dorado in joshua tree california - ‘acido dorado is designed with a series of meshed ideas that constantly modify each other- so it never really settles into a static statement. the dead flowers are representational of a living . Acido Dorado / Robert Stone - For Acido Dorado, another one of his rental projects under Pretty Vacant Properties, Robert decided to write a text specially for ArchDaily readers, a kickstart for the debate: In appreciation of . Mona Kuhn - The gallery presents the series Ácido dorado, in what is her third exhibition in the gallery. Mona Kuhn (born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1969) lives and works in Los Angeles (USA) from where she is continually exploring her photographic work, well known for its intimate, contemporary representations of the nude.. Mona Kuhn: Acido Dorado - Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of Mona Kuhn on the occasion of the first solo exhibition in the US of her newest series, Acido Dorado. The exhibition of large-scale color photographs will open on Thursday, 11 September and run through Saturday, 18 October.. 'Private' and 'Acido Dorado' by photo artist Mona Kuhn in - 'Acido Dorado' is set inside architect Robert Stone’s secluded modernist structure near Joshua Tree National Park, California. In the series, Kuhn and her subject, close friend and long-time collaborator Jacintha, explore pools, mirrored ceilings and glass walls to produce sandy colored hallucinations filled with dreamy light leaks and seductive reflections..