Acido dorado par Mona Kuhn

September 22, 2018

Acido dorado par Mona Kuhn

Titre de livre: Acido dorado

Auteur: Mona Kuhn

Broché: 96 pages

Date de sortie: January 1, 2018

ISBN: 3958291805

Éditeur: Steidl Verlag

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Mona Kuhn avec Acido dorado

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Acclaimed for her contemporary and intimate depictions of the nude, Kuhn takes a new direction into abstraction in her latest series “Acido Dorado.” Photographed at a golden modernist structure on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, architectural lines, light reflections and a single figure have been carefully balanced against the backdrop of the Californian desert.

The human figure, Mona’s friend and collaborator Jacintha, emerges like a surrealist mirage, fragmented and indistinct, at times submerged in shadows or overexposed. The building’s facade of glass and mirrors serve as optical planes, an extension of the artist’s camera and lens. Light is split into refracting colors, desert vegetation grows sideways, inside is outside and outside in. Kuhn pushes a certain disorienting effect by introducing metallic foils as an additional surface, at times producing purely abstract results. Acido Dorado marks Kuhn’s increasing use of techniques that appear to merge the figure, abstractions and landscape into one.

The body is a place where our mind resides, and that’s what I’m photographing.